Public Speaking

Jack Ryser

It is said that most people would prefer death than speak in public. Fortunately for me I am not one of those people. Speaking is one of my greatest passions and I believe a way to impact other peoples’ lives. In doing that, I have enjoyed leading discussions with small church and business groups, to speaking to large auditoriums of people on many different subjects. Currently, my presentations are focused on self-improvement in personal lives and in careers.

It is important to me that I customize each presentation to my audience and deliver it in an inspirational, educational and humorous manner. By doing so I am able to connect with the attendees, and hopefully, motivate them to make important changes that impact their lives.

The following are some of the topics I address with my audiences:

  • Finding Joy During Times of Adversity – Bounce Back
  • Finding Joy During Times of Adversity – For Religious Groups
  • Achieving Excellence in Your Career
  • Increasing Sales Immediately!
  • Living an Authentic Life – A Discussion of Ethics in the Workplace
  • What Are You Waiting For? – A motivational message that helps participants change behavior immediately and excel in work and home.

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